The Biggest Mobile Marketing Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

Agencies who work with startups or companies can understand the delicacy of working with a company that is too small or too big. For some, working with startups can provide the perfect amount of creativity and agility to try new things; other times they struggle with an identity or a budget to fulfill their desire. Companies may have the funds, but there is often bureaucracy and red tape that can be frustrating and stifle creativity.

Israeli firm Moburst has been working quietly behind the scenes with both types of businesses – and its tightrope walking is starting to pay off.

“It’s funny because most of the companies we work with, NDAs are so strict about what we do or what we post about what we do for them, that it’s like some kind of secret weapon. “, said Gilad Bechar, founder of Moburst. and CEO. Founded in 2013 with Lior Eldan (COO), the company works with companies and startups for everything related to the client’s application. Starting out as a mobile-only solution for app store optimization, it now offers a variety of services and has helped companies such as Uber, Google and Israeli food tech company Redefine Meat, which recently raised $135 million. dollars and wanted to revamp its online presence. Primarily, it helps optimize mobile apps to work better in Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

“I feel like when we work with startups, it’s all about the influence we have and the impact we can have with that specific brand,” Bechar added. “I don’t mind if I work with new, young, entrepreneurial founders who are going to revolutionize things.” This freedom to innovate and use more agility in their tactics can be a hindrance for their larger companies that already have an established brand and presence in an industry. But money talks, and Moburst is happy to listen.

The strength of Moburst’s ability to be flexible with the abstract needs of small startups while being disciplined enough to adhere to enterprise demands has made it one of the biggest mobile marketing agencies no one has ever heard of. Today, he gets around 150 leads every month from companies asking to work with his team. Despite its huge growth of 236% in 2021, it only manages to accept about 2% of these requests. This year, the company hopes to nearly double its workforce from 76 to 140 by the end of the year. One way to do that is through acquisitions like Clutch, a video production company she bought in 2019 to help her expand her services.

“I think startups are the ones we learn the most from,” he said. “Because startups are generally more adventurous and want to take bold steps to gain momentum. With brands, we can step on the gas pedal and campaign 50 times more than startups can afford. I think one does not go without the other. Startups allow us to understand not only what we already knew, but also to explore new paths, new tools, new methodologies, to develop new technologies. With the most mature companies, it grows them and helps those companies become the leaders in their category,” he said.

Companies like Moburst, which balance startup and corporate culture among its customers, can take advantage of the benefits offered by both entities. Agility and creativity, or booming budgets with global reach, each carries signature traits that keep Moburst firmly on its toes.

“We view each marketing channel as a mathematical puzzle – there is a way to solve them,” Bechar concluded. “The question is how to get there. This riddle is going to sit on you… I have to solve it and when you do, it’s the most rewarding thing in the world.