Rob Torres is reshaping the digital marketing agency space by providing quality creatives looking to serve businesses across America.

Rob Torres is a digital marketing consultant and speaker with over a decade of experience. Torres is committed to helping clients climb the ladder of success by providing creative talent new to the professional world, but digital native and highly skilled.

Digital transformation has enveloped a large portion of businesses and brands around the world, but many companies are still struggling to find their voice and reach their highest potential. Overnight thrills are commonplace in a market heavily saturated with brands that want to change but are afraid to go through the home stretch.

Rob Torres, the CEO and Founder of Millennials Digital is committed to helping scale channels for small and medium businesses, one business at a time. Helping the modern (digital native) creative or social influencer, leveraging their skills and helping businesses, but more importantly, providing a service made for you, Rob has already helped many businesses and creatives to reach the next level and become new business leaders.

Digital marketing is made up of countless parts, and Rob understands that not every business has the resources, ability, or desire to go all out with their products and services. Rob helps organizations and businesses rethink their digital approach to strategy development, leveraging his vast experience to create experts from aspirants and leaders from capable and talented individuals.

Rob Torres recently opened his second office in Miami, Florida. They seek to serve more customers by offering a host of unique products, from social media management, video production and photography, to coven development and social media consulting:

“Your business deserves a leading digital presence. Our team will create a comprehensive marketing strategy with the goal of increasing your profits. Our diverse skill set combined with over 10 years of digital marketing experience allows us to offer comprehensive marketing solutions. Our social strategy, content production and graphic design are all done in-house,” said Rob.,h_400,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/76e800_3278776mv2bbec.jpg886eb91b

In addition to digital marketing services in the business-to-business market, Rob created a capacity for new young creatives to engage in the space with his growing agency. His company will train and educate creatives on the fundamentals of professional social media business help at no cost. He believes it’s a way to give back to the younger version of himself. You can see the real company culture he’s building through his company’s YouTube channel series. The Vlog revolves around “down-to-earth creatives who like to have fun and do social media marketing.” The series started in the Los Angeles office with some behind-the-scenes videos and has since evolved, delving into topics like how to be a social media manager and shooting content for clients around the world.

In Millennials Digital’s fourth vlog, Rob Torres and the crew get a VIP experience at a Bad Bunny concert in Los Angeles.

“We always have the best Mondays at Millennials Digital,” said a Millennials Digital team member.

When Rob isn’t attending conferences or consulting with clients, he works to hone the skills of new creatives in the training program titled Growth and Development at Millennials Digital.,h_400,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/76e800_db1b7b28b7bd4a6ajpg7eca909

More information about Rob Torres can be found on his official website Instagram profile.

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