Ravi Shastri 3.0 Launches Sports Marketing Agency With Guha, Panwar

Ravi Shastri 3.0 is launching a sports management and marketing agency named ‘Sporting Beyond’ in association with Papia Guha, Jaiveer Panwar.

Ravi Shastri 3.0 Launches Sports Marketing Agency- Former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri has teamed up with Papia Pradeep Guha and Jaiveer Panwar to launch a sports management and marketing agency called “Sporting Beyond”. The company is expected to operate in India, but will have a global footprint with collaborations in many countries. It aims to uplift the current sports scene in India.

Sahil Malhotra has been appointed senior vice president and chief operating officer of the company.

Ravi Shastri 3.0 Launches Sports Marketing Agency In Association With Papia Guha, Jaiveer Panwar

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Sporting Beyond will specialize in the creation and marketing of new sports properties, mergers and acquisitions and existing properties across all sports in India and globally. The company is ready to collaborate with established and new talent. Cricket will remain the primary focus, but other sports will also be considered.

It has an in-house digital team that will focus on managing the digital content required for all properties and talents. Technology and digitization will play a critical role across all platforms and verticals of the business.

Ravi Shastri says, “Considering the changes that sport is going through in India and around the world, I thought it was important to create a business that will be truly professional in keeping with these developments. The goal and motivation will be to work in India and globally while creating new opportunities and pathways with existing ones to push the boundaries. We will ensure that our clients get the best opportunities to partner with sports properties that bring them the best value and reach in a space that is changing day by day. Our in-house technical and digital teams will create content around sports property and events both in India and around the world. Likewise, when it comes to both established talent and new talent, we’ll be looking at partnerships that go beyond just creating approval opportunities. We will also help create opportunities for them through equity-based partnerships and business investments. Sporting Beyond, as the name suggests, will break down barriers and be the new era of sports management and marketing.

A partner of Shastri, Jaiveer Panwar has been involved in the business through brand and talent management for over 25 years and has extensive experience working with multinational clients and brands.

He says, “We are extremely happy and grateful to have collaborated with a legend like Ravi. We have a common and shared belief in how the sports management and marketing space needs to evolve and keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of clients, properties and sports talent. This company will provide the right opportunities and the right value for the partnership that clients will establish with sports properties and talents. We will focus on the economy and new age business, outside existing business modules, supported by our technical and content team.

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Ravi Shastri 3.0 Launches Sports Marketing Agency In Association With Papia Guha, Jaiveer Panwar

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