Publication of the brand identity alignment report with the marketing/sales strategy of El Segundo CA

London: Los Angeles (LO:LA), a California-based marketing agency built on creative ideas and smart collaboration, explains why sales and marketing teams must align to catalyze audience buy-in.

The new report notes that when sales and marketing aren’t aligned in how they communicate and humanize their company’s brand, departments can split into silos, each with their own priorities. When this happens, the message target audiences receive can be fragmented and confusing, resulting in weakened sales and an imperceptible identity.

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Experts agree that the term “being on the same page” is an idea that needs to be confirmed within corporate departments, and especially when it comes to sales and marketing. With the release of their recent report, “Getting Marketing and Sales Aligned,” LO:LA experts say consistent brand articulation between sales and marketing teams is critical to a company’s success in the marketplace. .

According to their report, it cannot be assumed that sales and marketing communicate the same brand message since one is rooted in creative strategy and the other in acquisition and revenue.

Written by agency CEO and Founder Nicholas Platt, “Getting Marketing and Sales Aligned” warns of the pitfalls that can arise when marketing and sales teams don’t communicate with each other to ensure the story of the brand is represented consistently.

Platt says ensuring sales and marketing are on the same page starts with a well-built brand articulation that drives synergy between marketing, sales and other internal teams.

He also recommends that company leaders confirm internal buy-in before promoting messages externally. The report underscores this point by recommending that employee contribution be part of a shared brand story.

Recognizing that marketers and other external teams need to communicate the brand in a way that makes sense to their own audience, Platt says approaches can certainly differ as long as key messages remain consistent.

With roots in London and fueled by the vibrant and diverse culture that defines Los Angeles, LO:LA was founded in 2017 on the idea that reinventing creativity to find magic in the moments that matter will produce advertising that resonates more effectively with the public.

With the release of their recent report, LO:LA experts are reminding businesses that a brand message aligned between marketing and sales isn’t always unspoken. By ensuring that both teams present a unified message, brand identity and market positioning can never be diluted.

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