Online talent marketing agency DevvMedia helps creators manage their brands

The marketing and talent management agency offers a variety of services that help creators run the business side of their operations smoothly, including price negotiations, legal contracts, content monetization, as well as creative of content.

Cranston, Rhode Island – (Newsfile Corp. – March 1, 2022) – Online talent management and marketing agency, DevvMedia, is thrilled to announce that content creators can rely on it to keep the business side of their operations. the online talent management and marketing agency has extensive experience in marketing and managing talented creators on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitch.

“We are a full-service talent management and marketing agency committed to helping brands develop holistic strategies that consider multiple marketing touchpoints. We work with creators, digital influencers, artists and celebrities to create transparent business relationships with the brands they represent.

According to DevvMedia, it can be difficult for content creators to diligently stay on top of all the different elements that need to work together to ensure they have a successful career. As their influence grows and they attract more and more brands, it becomes more and more relevant for them to have experienced help to ensure that all t’s are crossed and that all the i’s are dotted.

DevvMedia insists that their best bet is to hire a competent company that is not only experienced in contract management, but also knows the intricacies of influencer marketing and has a deep understanding of the various platforms they operate on. .

“Content creation is a serious and complex activity. Many people only see the outcome, but we understand the nerve-wracking planning and rehearsal that goes into producing each piece of content, especially for those working with multiple brands across multiple industries.

DevvMedia says its mission is simply to help ensure that content creators and influencers can fully focus on content production, while it takes care of everything else. Agency services include:

  • Guaranteed salary – Ensures companies honor their contracts and pay content creators as promised.
  • Campaign Execution – Handles all behind-the-scenes tasks, from price negotiations to legal contracts, deliverable planning and payment.
  • Support Managers – Possesses experienced managers to provide support and guidance on all creator marketing issues.
  • Access to exclusive campaigns and sponsorships – Leverages long-standing partnerships with international brands and music labels to provide a steady stream of paid offers and sponsorship.
  • Merchant partnership – Offers an in-house merchandising experience, managing everything from fulfillment to design, manufacturing and distribution.
  • Content monetization and protection – Has a content identification system that allows it to claim advertising revenue from copyrighted video content reposted on other social platforms.

Influencers and content creators who cherish the idea of ​​having an experienced company to run their business and market their unique talents to more brands can simply visit the agency’s website to learn more. learn more about their services.


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