Online Marketing Agency, Horology Digital, Provides ROI Maximization Services to Watch Retailers Worldwide

London, United Kingdom – September 6, 2022 – Over the past decade, watches have experienced a resurgence in popularity. A good quality and eye-catching timepiece is now considered a must-have accessory for both men and women. The surge in popularity has led to a proliferation in the number of watch companies, making it nearly impossible for unsupported watch retailers to gain the traction and publicity needed to drive website traffic and sales. Today, website traffic management specialists Horology Digital launched a new service platform designed specifically for the watch industry.

Horology Digital helps watch retailers increase their paid advertising ROI across multiple online and social media platforms. The marketing company’s expertise in managing Facebook ads, Google PPC, YouTube ads, as well as TikTok and Instagram ads has resulted in exponential growth for clients. Most importantly, Horology Digital doesn’t just help drive increased traffic – their proven strategies maximize conversion rates and increase average order value.

“Our customers are great at providing quality, beautiful, and functional watches. Their patience and dedication to their craft is evident,” says Tim Kemp, co-founder of Horology Digital. “Many of our customers have been in business for decades. years and have a great reputation, but they’re not getting the traffic and traction they need to succeed in the online digital marketplace.They may have social media accounts and post on those accounts, but they don’t don’t have the strategies and experience to outpace their competition and convert fans of their work into new customers. Horology Digital has a strong reputation and years of experience converting websites into a streamlined funnel format We’ve managed over half a million dollars in digital ad buys and we know what works best to engage audiences.”

Horology Digital is offering a free consultation in which a digital advertising specialist will provide an audit of a retailer’s existing website, social media accounts and advertisements to provide the retailer with a better understanding of their potential revenue increase. through website funnels and conversion rate optimization. The Horology Digital specialist will also review potential strategies for maximizing the retailer’s average order value. To take advantage of the audit and consultation, or for more information about Horology Digital and its global advertising ROI services, please visit

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