New High Alpha Company Offers Discovery Platform for Marketing, Sales

Jonathan Gandolf

Indianapolis-based venture capital studio High Alpha announced on Tuesday the official launch of its latest company, The Juice Inc., which offers a business-to-business discovery platform for marketing and sales professionals.

High Alpha said The Juice will provide the premier on-demand hub for marketing and sales professionals to access, consume and organize leadership and educational content, including articles, podcasts, videos, e-books and more material that is “uniquely suited to their interests and roles.” . “

The Juice, based in the High Alpha offices at 830 Massachusetts Avenue, is led by co-founder and CEO Jonathan Gandolf, who most recently served as a marketing manager at Springbuk, a leader in healthcare analytics, and was Marketing Director of Braxton Brewing.

He is joined by co-founder and CTO Eric Sendelbach, former CTO of MOBI Wireless Management and VP of Technology at Tangoe, which acquired MOBI in 2018.

Gandolf joined the High Alpha Venture Studio in July 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, his team spent five months validating the concept of The Juice and talking to as many marketers as possible before starting to build the platform. form in January. The Juice launched its early access beta offering in July.

The company currently has eight employees and four open positions. He plans to add 10 employees over the next 12 months.

High Alpha said the company plans to create a better experience for users.

“Our entire team followed the rules set by Google and other search engines,” Gandolf said in written comments. “We have all developed secure content and written articles designed to be consumed by search algorithms rather than humans. None of these approaches really serve the brand or, more importantly, the content consumer. “

Gandolf said the result is a more user-friendly platform.

“We created The Juice to reflect the consumer experiences we all know: Spotify, Netflix, Apple News and more,” he said. “It means better content for consumers and better relationships for marketers. “

The Juice platform offers more than 50,000 articles, videos, podcasts and ebooks. Early clients include Guru, Lexer, Inxeption and Lev

“Juice is already gaining tremendous popularity with people who want a better way to learn and grow professionally,” High Alpha partner Kristian Andersen said in written remarks. “We’re excited to partner with Jonathan and his team to provide the marketplace with what they’ve wanted since the dawn of content marketing. “

High Alpha has launched at least 24 companies since its inception in 2015. The past year has been a banner year for the venture studio.