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With proven marketing strategies that transform brands, MMUSA conquers the digital arena with multi-marketing campaigns across the globe.

We have a very diverse environment and a very inclusive culture, and these characteristics have impacted the success of our agency. »

— Marvin Vasquez – Director of MMUSA

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 28, 2022 / — MMUSA is a multi-marketing agency transforming partners into market leaders for over a decade. Operating in the heart of New York, the experienced team of digital marketers guides businesses and brands through visionary solutions. Their vast background cultivates top-notch expertise in a variety of industries including healthcare, technology and finance. The diversity between industries and customers drives the exploratory divergence in their media marketing.

Marvin Vasquez, director of MMUSA, commented: “We have a very diverse environment and a very inclusive culture, and these characteristics have had an impact on the success of our agency. Diversity has generated better digital marketing strategy, better risk management, better conversations and better results for our clients.”

MMUSA connects partners from all over the world as a respected global group company. The agency specializes in integrating Western and Latin American markets with branding experts around the world. Team members connect from New York to Bangladesh uniting as a diverse agency of digital marketers serving partners in France, Colombia and Peru. According to their website, MMUSA states, “We explore areas of creativity and exploration in every campaign to optimize engagement. With a team of experts from diverse fields and backgrounds, we connect as an agency of explorers”.

The company connects over 120 designated businesses focused on Latin American tourism to a single search engine platform. MMUSA has advanced capabilities to reach segmented audiences to optimize brand awareness and ROI for its partners. Local business owners across El Salvador are connected with the agency 503 local projects where neighbors and tourists can seek services in their communities. Designed with disruptive and organic marketing techniques, the online space intuitively guides the user to explore support for small business owners across the region.

The agency pushes the boundaries of every creative endeavor. Continuously recognized for bringing immediate results and high returns on investment to their honored partners by forming bonds of success. Awarded #4 from Best Social Media Marketing Agencies by Design Rush, MMUSA continues to set digital records. Innovative mass communication and branding techniques are key to MMUSA’s action plan. Receiving more than six million growing impressions per month in display ad campaigns, the agency continues to score the impossible with its partners.

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About MMUSA. : Multi Marketing USA (MMUSA) is a New York-based strategic digital marketing agency known for its cutting-edge marketing campaigns for partners around the world. By focusing each campaign to create the most impact in the shortest possible time, MMUSA achieves successful strategies that turn partners into market leaders. Since 2011, MMUSA prioritizes customer-centric approaches and high return on investment (ROI) to ensure their growing benefits. MMUSA is a global group company with a wide range of expertise in working with client partners from diverse backgrounds and industries, leading successful marketing campaigns across the globe. For more information, please visit

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