Meet Ivy Entertains – The Marketing Agency Connecting Impactful Influencers With Disruptive Brands To Create Winning Partnerships

Businesses are starting to understand the disruptive power of social media, and in 2021 we’ve seen more brands adapt to digital marketing trends.

Many talented motivated and creative entrepreneurs have been able to create platforms for themselves where people follow because they resonate with the values ​​of the influencer, and brands are starting to leverage that reach for themselves. by collaborating with content creators and influencers.

It can be difficult to get your foot in the door, with the fatigue of navigating these interactions on both sides. Reaching out to brands or influencers and spending hours negotiating deals that deliver value is probably the last thing you want to do when you have an audience to engage with and an amazing product or skill that you want to share with them. world.

You can eliminate all the cold DM slides and the frustration of having to give up on tough deals and set yourself up for success by connecting with the right talent agency. An agency that works for your brand needs is crucial to your growth, giving you the freedom and confidence to focus on creating, engaging, and growing.

With a passion for connection, Ivy entertains is the digital marketing and talent management agency that connects hard-hitting influencers with disruptive brands, creating a network of unique social media allies who all win together.

Dedicated to seeing you grow, the Ivy Entertains team is dedicated to cultivating the organic growth of its clients by creating and capitalizing on the cohesive opportunities they are able to facilitate between entrepreneurs, brands, artists and influencers.

“We believe in authenticity and work across our networks to create environments in which brands and personalities can thrive, exercising their abilities authentically as their online presence grows,” explains Mané Bailey, founder of Ivy Entertains.

Ivy Entertains has been kicking the goals of its clients for over 4 years, managing a diverse roster of artists, hosts, live streamers, influencers, public figures and brands. Ivy Entertains prides itself on the uniqueness and creativity of its talent network, representing many unique influencers such as Box of Beats, Ula Vamps, Nick Darnell and more.

Not only does Ivy Entertains reach out to the many content creators, artists and influencers under their roof, they are in constant collaboration with key brands to elevate their marketing campaigns and reach the right audience.

Through the Ivy Entertain’s’Brand matchmaking‘, Ivy Entertains helps you maximize your brand awareness, bring out the best in your products and make your services shine. By connecting brands with the perfect brand ambassadors based on an alignment of values ​​and vision, Ivy Entertains is able to ensure effective collaborations that can produce content with lasting impact.

Harness the power of social media and digital marketing to create that life of freedom and abundance you’ve been dreaming of. Eliminate the hassle, headaches, trial and error of finding a partnership that matches your vision and connect with it Ivy entertains thanks to their website or their Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages to unite your talent or your brand and reap the rewards today!

Posted on December 29, 2021