MATTIO Communications and Madison Fiore launch MATTIO+FIORE, a cannabis-focused marketing agency

MATTIO Communications has launched MATTIO+FIORE Media, a new cannabis-focused paid media and performance marketing agency. Directed by CEO of MATTIO Communications Rosie Mattio and madison fiorethe subsidiary will focus on growth strategy, media buying, email and SMS marketing, creative and campaign development including photo, video, animation and design assets and list management on third-party platforms such as Weedmaps, Leafly, I Heart Jane and springbig.

Due to federal and local regulations, paid media advertising has historically been inaccessible to legal cannabis plant businesses.

As a former head of growth at Hawke MediaFiore has helped increase the agency’s annual recurring revenue by 1,300% between 2017 and 2021, running million-dollar advertising campaigns on behalf of some of the most successful companies. cannabis and CBD brands in the United States, including Papa & Barkley, Heavy Hitters, EAZE, Miss Grass, Prima, WYLD, Kadenwood Brands and Parallel.

“MATTIO+FIORE’s mission is to eliminate existing pain points in cannabis marketing by proactively building the infrastructure to run effective paid media campaigns on mainstream platforms“Paid advertising remains an underutilized tool in cannabis, and after developing campaigns for some of the most respected brands over the past five years, I recognized an opportunity to help companies to navigate this uncharted territory on a larger scale. MATTIO+FIORE’s services will be essential to the brand’s growth once cannabis e-commerce reaches its full swing, and I’m thrilled to partner with Rosie to push the needle in cannabis marketing. »

MATTIO+FIORE concentrates on customer awareness, traffic and revenue through paid media and performance marketing strategies.

Committed to its clients every step of the way, the new agency said it will develop campaigns and execute creative while focusing on attribution, comprehensive marketing audits, LTV, CRO and strategic partnerships.

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