Majinx marketing agency launches social initiative to help Ukrainians

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Want to support Ukrainians? Give them work!

In the midst of a war in Ukraine, launched a “JOB for UKRAINIANS in Crypto” initiative. Majinx works exclusively with blockchain-based projects, enabling Ukrainian professionals to work with international companies and startups.

“More than 50% of Ukrainian marketing workers have lost their jobs due to the incredible cruelty and injustice of the war. We’ve brought together over 700 of them to put your DeFi, Play2Earn or NFT project in the spotlight, while you support their careers and our country’s economy”—Ruslan Lynnyk, CEO of Majinx.

“It’s hard to see talented people getting stuck. As a team, we discussed the possible difficulties we might face if we went through with this idea. But none of them seemed to matter in the face of the tragedy that is unfolding. We are now determined to connect the amazing world of blockchain to the hardest working and most creative marketers in Ukraine”—Anastasia Puninska, Head of Project Management.

International companies have provided continuous support to Ukraine through their donations and social campaigns. Now, blockchain companies can help Ukrainian marketers and creators stay afloat while receiving great service from people known for their talent and professionalism.

About the company

Majinx is a marketing agency focused on blockchain-related marketing, providing industry-tailored promotional solutions for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects.

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