London marketing agency opens operation in the North West


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London-based marketing agency Kaizen is creating up to 15 jobs with an expansion in Manchester.

This follows several hires in the North and a year of major milestones for the business, including reaching £3m in revenue last year.

True to his namesake, Kaizen – a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement” – said he strives to improve in all aspects of his work and culture. The agency said it recognizes that part of that is providing an environment that works for both current and potential employees.

Kaizen’s expansion, adding 15 positions to its current staff of 40, includes a new academy to attract and nurture young talent.

This follows a year of strong growth, with the arrival of big names such as FreeTrade, eBay and Lovehoney.

The agency plans to use its new hub, located at Linley House on Dickinson Street, to explore the talent pool in the North, while providing a second work base for its employees.

Staff will be able to choose to work from the London office or the Manchester hub.

Chief Executive Jeremy McDonald said, “Our new location will give us access to the immense amount of untapped and diverse talent the city has to offer.

“I look forward to continuing to build our fantastic team of Northern colleagues as we grow.”

He added: “Our employees largely continue to work from home when possible. However, I think it’s important to give the team the flexibility to decide how they work, with the ability to use the London or Manchester hubs on a part-time basis.

“We are committed to providing an environment where our talents can grow in their roles.”