Konstellation forms strategic partnership with award-winning marketing agency Luna PR

Konstellation, a blockchain protocol built on top of Cosmos SDK, has formed a partnership with award-winning public relations and marketing agency, Luna PR. Together, the two companies will combine their resources and expertise to build a sustainable future with a focused approach for Konstellation and help the project achieve its short and long term goals.

Konstellation has developed an infrastructure for DeFi Capital Markets and provides access to cross-chain capital market solutions. The project creates the backbone of a transparent bridge between capital and returns using interoperable cross-chain capital market solutions.

The Konstellation Network enables new and seasoned investors to pursue a wide variety of investment opportunities in the DeFi and cryptocurrency market.

On the other hand, Luna is an expert public relations and marketing agency based in Dubai, with clients spread across five continents. Backed by a professional and experienced team, Luna PR has helped several amazing projects, such as Clover Finance, DeFi Chain, Algorand and Zilliqa.

Luna uses a focused approach and in-depth knowledge to ensure a successful and sustainable future for her clients. The company will develop a results-driven marketing strategy for Konstellation to help it reach its true potential and grow significantly.

“Initiating the partnership between Konstellation and Luna PR was a natural fit,” said Sang Lee, co-founder of Konstellation. “Luna PR is a leading marketing agency and Konstellation is the leader in building infrastructure for DeFi capital markets. I am very excited to work with Luna PR and I think this partnership is a fantastic opportunity to expand the Konstellation community.

About Konstellation

Constellation is a decentralized cross-chain capital markets protocol built on the Cosmos network. The project aims to effectively connect funds and different components of the asset management industries with investors. Konstellation’s mission is to become the financial services industry hub for Cosmos and other blockchain ecosystems using strategic interoperable blockchain communications.

The Konstellation network is powered by DARC tokens, which are necessary for the governance and transactions of the Konstellation network. Powered by features like cross-chain infrastructure, simplified interface, high composability and effortless cross-chain DeFi usability, Konstellation is making progress in realizing its vision.

To learn more about Konstellation, visit their Website, Twitter, Telegram, Average, Reddit, Discord, and LinkedIn.

About Luna PR

Nikita Sachdev founded Luna PR in 2017 as a multi-award-winning consulting, marketing and public relations firm. The Dubai-based company is a fully-fledged digital marketing agency with clients across five continents. With the help of skilled members of her team, Luna PR helps upcoming and established blockchain and crypto projects reach their full potential.

To learn more about Luna PR, visit their Website, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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