Introducing Marketing Grit: A New Marketing Agency

The duo combined their career experience – knowledge, creativity and strategic thinking – in their company Marketing Grit.

Marketing Grit announced that since its creation, it has already acquired four new clients, including:

  • NGO Headstart Kids
  • Hitchcock and associates
  • Positano online lifestyle and clothing store, and
  • Olivia Wallace, holistic life care coach.

Marketing Grit’s strategic marketing support, digital strategy and social media implementation are tailor-made. The agency aims to meet the specific needs of each company.

“We have a unique offering that makes a positive difference for brands that want accelerated and lasting success,” Bruton says. “I’m so excited about the work we’re doing for our clients – it’s not ‘fluffy’ marketing, but proper strategic direction and comprehensive digital implementation.”

“The creative work is fresh and exciting and the strategies are working. After laying the groundwork, we are busy rolling out the strategies. I can’t wait to start seeing the impact this will have on our clients’ businesses,” concludes Bruton.

In addition to Bruton’s responsibilities at Marketing Grit, she will twice weekly mentor second-year undergraduate students as well as one-year graduate students at the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) graduate school campus. in Stellanbosch.

Bruton says she welcomes the opportunity to pass on years of first-hand knowledge accumulated in the hospitality, real estate, tourism and entertainment industries with future marketing executives and leaders.

For more information, visit You can also follow Marketing Grit at Facebook Or on instagram.

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