Flare Communications Brings AI Technology to Influencer Marketing Management | Marketing

Flare Communications Group launched MindDATAan AI-powered platform that delivers real-time, detailed demographic and psychographic insights for over 120 million influencers in seconds.

The platform has 17 filtering options to provide quick solutions to influencer marketing with features like influencer discovery, audience profile analysis, project performance tracking, return on investment and a credibility analysis that can filter influencers for real or ghost followers.

A core feature of the platform is Project Outcome Prediction Analytics which helps monitor and improve social campaigns based on campaign performance and competitor analysis. Created in the Chinese language, MindDATA can be customized for markets such as Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Flare Communications Group CEO and Managing Director Bastian Wong said, “We are always aware and feel compelled to find better and smarter solutions for influencer engagement. She said the engine was created to help marketers make data-driven decisions.

The company says it’s not just looking to work with large-scale marketers, but also looking to build long-term partnerships with brand influencers and agencies.