Aquila Mendez-Valdez, founder and president of the Haute In Network agency

The network’s flagship location, Haute In Texas, will provide a template for franchisees to include their own location in their agency name.

Haute In Network Agencies will provide innovative processes and support to women founders

The flexible franchise model allows potential franchisees to start from home or a small office keeping the initial investment lower and the work-life balance intact.

—Tom Bartley

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA, February 18, 2022 / — The marketing services industry has grown tremendously since the onset of the pandemic, with more and more businesses needing to elevate their brand and take advantage of modern marketing techniques to promote their products or services. Recognizing a need for mentorship and the opportunity for women to be their own boss amid the big resignation, Haute in Texas launched the Haute In Network Agencies, offering interested and passionate franchisees the opportunity to enter the lucrative marketing industry with one and a committed partner to help them run a successful business.

Haute In Network agencies are more than just an established brand leading the marketing industry; this is where savvy PR meets a vibrant digital presence, providing clients with personalized strategies to enhance their PR and marketing efforts. Built from the ground up by Founder and President, Aquila Mendez-Valdez, prospective franchisees can leverage over a decade of industry experience by running their own Haute In Network Agency. Although traditional franchisors require a single name to be used throughout, the network’s flagship location, Haute In Texas, will provide a template for franchisees to include their own location in their agency name.

Mendez-Valdez says this model is unique to anything else on the market today. “We offer potential franchisees the opportunity to venture into the marketing industry with a partner who is solely focused on unparalleled systems, support and training to ensure franchisees acclimate to our systems quickly and efficiently. . We look forward to partnering with franchisees who have the same level of commitment, discipline and work ethic, to ensure we don’t lose sight of our mission: to provide a fully personalized approach to public relations and marketing. and incredible results for our clients. Beyond interpersonal skills, it is also important that franchisees meet the financial requirements, possess the management skills and strong leadership skills needed to run a successful business.

Since Haute in Texas opened its doors over a decade ago, the brand has established itself as one of the leading full-service PR and marketing agencies in the market. Mendez-Valdez believes that any brand can be transformed and elevated to new levels of success with professional guidance from the right team of marketing professionals. The well-designed business model has a specific process that guides franchisees on how to help customers create the brand they want. With the newly launched franchise system and business model, the Haute In network agencies will help ensure the franchisee’s customers have the same level of professionalism.

Haute In Network agencies are built on helping clients organize and propel presence in person and online and on the company’s values ​​of integrity, community, passion and compassion. Tom Bartley, Franchise Consultant Haute In Network Agencies, said, “Today, more than ever, every industry, every business and every professional needs the support of a qualified marketing agency; the timing couldn’t be better for this segment of the industry. the flexible franchise model allows potential franchisees to start from their home or small office keeping the initial investment lower and the work-life balance intact. The Haute In Network Agencies head office team will provide the necessary training and support to help quickly equip a new franchisee with the tools and experience, shortening the normal ramp-up curve of a new franchise business. digital agency.

Whether or not a potential franchisee has experience in the marketing industry, Haute In Network agencies have been designed to work with and help any professional obtain the tools and support needed to build a business in this industry. market segment. The experienced corporate team will provide ongoing support throughout the life of the business and help integrate the proven business model to deliver results-driven solutions as franchisees provide B2B marketing solutions and B2C in their individual markets.

There are many factors to consider when engaging in a business partnership, such as assessing the value of the franchise system and business model, as well as the people behind the brand. Haute In Network agencies are a business model based on systems, processes and operational guidelines that make the business accessible and teachable. The management team is involved on a daily basis and actively monitors results, the quality and consistency of services and the value offered to customers. The company is focused on growth and results, but also on a balance between family values ​​and strong core values. Haute Texas Founder and President Aquila Mendez-Valdez is a mother, an award-winning businesswoman, and a mentor to other founders. Potential franchisees will be able to count on an unparalleled level of support, commitment and focused effort to support their new business.

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About Haute In network agencies

In an industry where innovation is paramount, Aquila Mendez-Valdez created the Haute In Network Agency model with the original Haute in Texas concept. Franchisees leverage their location with their territory as part of their agency name, ensuring a unique combination of brand recognition and local connections. It has established a unique process to facilitate the systems that most effectively deliver these services to customers and businesses. The business model has been essentially perfected and sits in a growing market that requires the capacity and bandwidth of new partners able to offer the same suite of services in different regions of North America. The growth of this market segment requires Haute In Network agency owners to be able to expand and open new locations capable of providing the same quality services on a consistent and professional basis.


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