Europe’s leading tech marketing agency, Napier, opens its first office in the US

A dedicated local team in the SF Bay area are tasked with meeting growing demand from the UK’s leading independent PR and B2B Tech marketing agency

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April 6, 2022 2:04 p.m. EDT

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2022 ( –
From the B2B Marketing Expo 2022 show, Napier, one of Europe’s leading independent B2B technology marketing and PR firms, today announced its expansion into the United States with the opening of its first office in Alameda, California. The move to the SF Bay Area follows significant demand from US and European customers to access the best-in-class service they expect from Napier’s European operations across the United States.

Napier’s team has a proven track record of delivering award-winning campaigns for a strong list of global technology clients and has been at the heart of marketing technology in Europe since 1984. The agency combines strategic planning, content generation and distribution of content using channels such as PR, marketing automation and new media to deliver consistent, global and regional campaigns that accelerate the speed of prospecting through its clients’ marketing funnels. By designing campaigns to achieve clients’ business goals, the team helps our leading technology companies turn their goals into achievements.

“I am incredibly excited to open our first office in the United States. This reflects our commitment to our current and future clients, helping them achieve even greater measurable success through innovative digital marketing, content creation appeal and quality public relations campaigns that have defined Napier over the past 38 years,” said Mike Maynard, CEO and Managing Director of Napier. “My team is eager to immerse themselves in the limitless opportunities to drive the awareness and growth of American companies by continuing to strengthen their presence in Europe and around the world, while our European customers are ready to make waves in the United States. We aim to be the awareness of integrated marketing agency that bridges the two continents.”

About Napier

Napier is the bridge for B2B technical marketers between the European and American continents.

Napier is a B2B technology marketing and PR agency that uses deep market knowledge to design and execute creative campaigns that drive business success for our clients. The agency offers a comprehensive portfolio of public relations and marketing services, helping clients in markets such as electronics, IT and industrial technology to promote their products and services throughout Europe and the United States. . Napier combines extensive experience with a wealth of market information and an energetic, creative team and responsive team of people.

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Source: California B2B Marketing Expo