Entrepreneur Launches Newest Black Woman-Owned Creative Digital Marketing Agency From Florida

Nickisha Matthewsgeneral manager of 904 Business solutionsthe Florida-based executive consulting firm, announced the successful opening of its new creative digital marketing agency, Creative Enterprise Branding™.

He specializes in innovative ways in partnering with corporations, nonprofits and other businesses nationwide to help them create personalized and trusted business brands through visual and digital communications (graphic designs , social media, marketing, websites).

With a team that has over 20 years of experience, Creative Business Branding recognizes the essential element in helping companies and organizations accelerate their growth, profitability, reputation and market presence by creating unique brands, friendly and reliable (visual and digital communications). Knowing that 95% of buying decisions are subconscious, Creative Business Branding uses the four Ps of marketing (product, price, placement and promotion) in its design and delivers a Creatively Branded™ experience.

About 904 Business Solutions

904 Business Solutions, established in 2015, is a one-stop startup consulting firm based nationwide in Florida. They are known to save business owners money in the form of time by offering everything from business plans to marketing strategies.

Here are the achievements made by the executive consulting firm:

– Member of the Jacksonville House of Congress.

– Awarded Best Web Designers in 2017-2019 and listed as Best Digital Agency.

– Powerful in Pink Recipient in 2016.

About “There’s a Way to Madness”

Nickisha Matthews publishes “There is a Method to the Madness: Building Blocks for a Small Business”, a step-by-step book on starting a business in late 2022. This work will be published under her last name, nichcol collins. It’s short and to the point, saving contractors time and money. Remember, when starting a business, “it’s not easy, but it’s worth it,” said Collins, author. A journal and a podcast will accompany this step-by-step book.

If you are an entrepreneur, start-up, corporation, non-profit organization or business contact us for more information or get started at 904-379-0914 or visit us at CreativeBusinessBranding.org.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.