Entrepreneur Arthur Boice III – From broke veteran to marketing agency founder

South Carolina, USA – 10/15/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The transition from poverty to affluence has always motivated people. That’s why rags to riches stories are the quintessential narrative of any work of fiction, whether it’s a book or a movie. However, real rag to rich stories have always been more inspiring than fictional stories because people find them more relevant to their circumstances. So the story of Arthur Boice III Going from a broke veteran at the US Marine Corp to a successful entrepreneur and founder of a digital agency is indeed motivating. He’s now helping other businesses find ground in digital media with his agency. Centora Media.

Arthur Boice III began his career in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school. After leaving the Marine Corps, Arthur received different job offers for a steady source of income. From Zipline tour guide to financial assistant at a car dealership and even McDonald’s, Arthur gained insight into various industries through these jobs. Additionally, Arthur has saved enough money to be financially stable for some time.

Meanwhile, Arthur has decided to take advantage of his savings, taking a break from his career. It may have first seemed like the biggest mistake he ever made, which ultimately turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Living off his savings, Arthur went on vacation to the east coast with his fiancé, where they rented a luxurious, fully-furnished apartment. Unfortunately, living in such lavish apartments required good credit and a well-paying job that none of them had. In no time, Arthur exhausted his savings after paying the first rent, leaving him with a long list of pending bills to pay.

Arthur hit rock bottom in his life during this time, which forced him to bounce higher. For him, the only way to live a better life was to start a business that would create a stable source of income. Given his previous experiences working in different industries, Arthur wanted better; he wanted to start something that would not only benefit him, but also help others grow and help them reach their full potential. Arthur started reading books on finance and a positive mindset to find his niche for the new business.

Arthur eventually founded his digital marketing agency Centora Media to help businesses monetize their online presence. Arthur knew that customer satisfaction is crucial to the growth of any service provider agency, so he focused on delivering exceptional service. As a result, Centora Media has stood out in the industry, providing premium digital advertising and other impressive services to hundreds of businesses across the United States. Arthur, the mastermind behind the marketing agency, has ensured that every business that is part of the Centora family grows steadily. through highly targeted marketing.

Centora Media has gradually developed a long list of reliable clients through its proprietary services including brand design, social media management, growth strategy, SEO, web development, lead generation and many more . The agency has a team of 20 marketing experts who are always motivated to work on projects that deliver exceptional and measurable results. Arthur Boice III wants to grow the Centora family in the coming years by helping more businesses find ground through social media marketing. He wants Centora to be at the center of business growth and a formidable force in delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time.

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Company name: Centora Media
Full name: Arthur Boice III
Phone: +1 845 443 0881
E-mail address: Send an email
Website: http://www.centoramedia.com

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