Double price for the marketing agency

Chris Ashworth, Managing Director of Competitive Advantage, presenting the award to Dorian Wallace

Celebrating its victory in both the Emerging Agency Star of The Year and the Best Professional Services Marketing Campaign Award, the Shifnal-based agency celebrated an evening of success at the awards show in London.

The Emerging Star of the Year award went to Insynth’s Marketing Director and BCU graduate Dorian Wallace, who has been in the post for just over a year.

During this time, Dorian led a complete corporate overhaul and oversaw the restructuring of the customer journey, ensuring a positive experience for all prospects, from the first point of contact to the implementation of their unique marketing requirements.

“Although this is an individual award, I have been extremely fortunate with the people I have been surrounded by, to learn and to rely on them,” said Dorian.

“This award is recognition not only for me, but also for the work accomplished by the entire agency. It was our first time going to the CMAs as an agency and coming away with two wins, one for our client, Sound Zero Acoustics and one for the team, that’s huge for us.

The Emerging Agency Star wasn’t the only award Insynth won on the night as a client, Sound Zero also won the award for Best Professional Marketing Services.

The London-based acoustics and soundproofing company has been recognized for its unique approach to professional services, its branding and the content it has produced in its industry alongside Insynth.