Discord Marketing Agency could be the perfect fit to increase the reach of your next Web3 business! | by Scott Macy | October 2022

Ever since Web3 technology started wreaking havoc in the world, it was realized that this marvel would transform our way of life. There have been many unprecedented positive changes since the beginnings of blockchains in the late 2000s. NFTs and cryptos have brought new insights into how we might lead our future lives. But how a Discord marketing agency useful in the era of blockchains? The space becomes wider and more accessible to the general public, which is one reason. We will see more about the role of a Discord marketing agency in this blog.

Main Duties of an NFT Discord Marketing Company

When it comes to an NFT Discord marketing company, they have some basic tasks to perform during every campaign. The need for these tasks determines the ability of the Discord marketing agency to promote NFT and crypto businesses to their target audience. Let us see the main responsibilities of the agency in the points below.

  • Community manager is the key work of a Marketing of NFT Discord, because it is very important to maintain the community. This is done through engaging server events and hours of fun chat.
  • Content moderation has become one of the essential tasks in a Discord marketing campaign as people began to take the words seriously, and shooting the emotional triggers became easier through hate speech. With a professional team, one can easily moderate content to show or hide in chat, organize company content, and act on members based on predefined conditions.
  • Configuring and managing bots of an experienced team can be useful to keep the marketing server engaged with interactions. This bot software can be used to initiate conversations, present games and puzzles, play music, display memes, or even restrict words that might trigger people emotionally.
  • Community Marketing using Discord servers will be useful for NFT and crypto based businesses, because having a large group around a business provides an extra boost to a business owner. It helps to passively promote a business through its community members.

List of Discord Marketing Services for NFT and Crypto Projects

Any business in the web3 space can use Discord marketing services as the app is the main hub for NFT and crypto enthusiasts. Let’s see a short list of Discord marketing services for NFT and crypto projects.

  • NFT marketplaces
  • P2E/M2E NFT Games
  • NFT launch bars
  • Cryptocurrency projects (Crypto coins and stablecoins)
  • Crypto Exchanges (Centralized/Decentralized/Hybrid)
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Applications
  • Metaverse apps

All of the above businesses can use the services of a Discord marketing agency to build their community and reputation to shine on Web3.

3-Step Success Formula for Discord Community Growth

Ideation plays a huge role in the success of a seasoned Discord marketing agency’s promotional campaign. Here thoughts are collected, shared and scored for use in promotions.

The Creation Content forms obtained from ideation sessions should be carefully crafted so that the resulting content can impress community members and inspire them to be part of the project.

Moderation plays a dominant role once business content starts flowing to the server and feedback occurs. It is always necessary to keep the Discord server free from hate speech or negative vibes through appropriate actions to show the NFT/crypto project in a positive light.

Don’t Forget: NFT Discord Marketing Services Checklist

  • Fix your brand representationn to know precisely what your business is about and what its prospects will be in different situations.
  • Decide on your content strategy based on your target audience to create attraction and engage your audience. It is important to use mixed content forms based on image, text, audio, and video to captivate your Discord server community.
  • Frame a Discord timeline to regularly schedule your server activities and market your business through various means. Actively running your server provides a greater chance of business success.
  • Analyze your Discord server to know the flow of your community in the server thanks to the statistics of the Discord server. You can act on this to further engage your audience with improved strategies and content.
  • Check your competitors, as their campaigns might give an idea of ​​what the Web3 community has been like lately if you’re new to the space. Finding out how competitors do things and using improvisations will only bring you success.

While all of this can be achieved with an in-house team, an experienced Discord marketing agency can create an immediate impact with their experience in NFT advertising and crypto businesses in Discord.

Discord Server: The Secret to Your Million Dollar NFT Sales

With an NFT Discord marketing company, you can easily build a sizeable community on your official server. While the experience of such a company will help promote NFT and crypto projects, the creative strategies and exposure it has will certainly provide high marketing experiences for business owners. Forming, managing, and promoting your unique ideas through a Discord server in an intriguing way will only bring your business one step closer to million dollar NFT sales.

Final Thoughts

So we have seen the success mantra used by a Discord Marketing Agency in a succinct form. Such agencies provide great opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to increase their target range and conduct massive promotional campaigns. If you are looking for an NFT Discord marketing company to advertise your next NFT business. I suggest you work with Blockchain App Factory, a Discord marketing pioneer for NFTs and cryptos, with a seasoned team. The company helps its clients promote their Web3 business through a custom Discord server using various creative strategies and engagement-driven campaigns for better results.