California Digital Marketing Agency Launches Social Media Management Campaign

Sprinkles Media, a reputable digital media agency in Orange County, is launching an ambitious initiative in comprehensive social media management.

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August 9, 2022

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 9, 2022 ( –
Accustomed to multiple social media platforms, Sprinkles Media offers its clients, mainly small businesses, the opportunity to increase their presence and reach on social media. More specifically, his social media management services aim to build memorable and lasting social media strategies.

“Ignoring social media is a missed opportunity,” says co-founder Jess Park. “Developing a detailed and organized social media strategy can help businesses improve their bottom line, rather than waste time.”

Sprinkles Media and Social Media Management

Sprinkles’ small and experienced team, in its social media management plan, offers quality and organized strategies for audience engagement.

Sprinkles Media provides great photo and video content, tailor-made for the small businesses they work with.

The Sprinkles Media team knows how to post on social media pack more punch by adding specialized hashtagscaptions and proven posting schedules.

“Brand voice and tone are crucial for good social media posts,” says social media assistant Tiffany Supriyadi. “A good photo goes a long way, of course, but having relevant hashtags, captions and personality can make a message take off.”

Sprinkles Media offers the full social media package, including in-depth post, engagement, and audience reach analytics. This recent push towards social media dominance for its clients is part of a bigger picture for the digital media agency.

The Sprinkles Media Difference

Although the focus on social media is a more recent facet of Sprinkles Media experience, the digital media agency has been providing quality digital marketing services to its clients since 2020.

Offering comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), website building, branding and paid advertising, Sprinkles Media has helped massive companies like New Jersey’s first multi-specialty medical practice with SEO and Moreover.

“Working with Sprinkles Media has been incredible,” said Andy Chang, vice president of marketing for Summit Health. “We saw a 152% increase in SEO after just a few months.”

Sprinkles Media focuses on businesses right in their backyards. LA fashion production house The Evans Group (TEG) has never seen a bigger increase in internet traffic and is leading from an SEO plan and paid advertising strategy.

“We’ve written nearly a hundred articles for Jennifer Evans. The result of good SEO research and implementation has given TEG the biggest returns in recent memory”

TEG has also started ranking for high volume keywords, bolstering its presence in the apparel manufacturing space. Sprinkles Media maintains a strong social media strategy for the production house, posting quality photos, relevant captions, and hashtags.

Find what works with Sprinkles Media

Businesses don’t need to struggle. The team of digital marketing professionals show small businesses essential ways to improve engagement with their audience.

Social media management has become a flagship service that always seems to pay off.

Source: Sprinkles Media