Amazon DSP Advertising Strategy and PPC Ads Marketing Management Services Agency ClearAds Defines ACoS for Amazon Sellers

LONDON, July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ClearAds continues to share valuable insights to help Amazon sellers grow their business. The famous marketing company Amazon recently explained why ACoS is extremely important for all Amazon sellers. With a team of highly experienced Amazon advertising strategy experts, ClearAds offers data-driven schemes designed to increase revenue, increase profits and lower cost of sale.

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ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) measures the performance of an Amazon Sponsored Products campaign. It shows the ratio of ad spend to targeted sales. Amazon ACoS defines the effectiveness of a campaign, informs bidding tactics, and provides a benchmark by which the success of an advertising campaign is measured. It definitely tells sellers what percentage of every dollar earned through advertising was spent on the ad campaign.

According to ClearAds, Amazon ACoS is an essential component of its Amazon Marketing Services that can help sellers generate the highest possible profits from the lowest possible spend and build brand awareness to become a niche or market leader. particular category.

“Whatever your reason for using ACoS, its value ultimately comes from the ability to provide you with data-driven insights into whether or not your Amazon advertising campaigns are achieving what they are intended to do,” said a ClearAds spokesperson.

The well-known management agency Amazon PPC also discussed some techniques to help Amazon advertisers optimize their campaigns to generate a good percentage of ACoS.

  • Content optimization drives sales, increases the total ad sales portion of the ACoS equation, and balances ad spend.
  • Incorporating exact match bidding into keyword strategy can help develop a higher ACoS rate.
  • Finally, bidding optimization is the most obvious ACoS optimization strategy.

“As it’s clear, ACoS can be a very valuable tool to help you keep your advertising costs under control, regardless of your overall goals. However, since ACoS can increase with each new auction and decrease with each sale, your ACoS strategy should be anchored in the ongoing management of PPC campaigns to ensure high efficiency and performance,” the spokesperson added.

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