5 things to look for when hiring a marketing agency

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Marketing helps build your branding, promote your service, reach potential customers, engage existing customers, drive sales, and propel growth.

With tens of thousands of companies offering these services around the world, choosing the best agency to hire is no easy task.

To help you make the best decision, let’s start with the right questions …
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Social proof credibility

A quick way to filter out questionable agencies is to look at their experience and the social proof they provide to bolster their credibility. If they claim to have expertise in your industry, make sure their portfolio demonstrates the same. Find out what their clients say about independent review aggregators and o your due diligence by chatting with former clients.

Pay attention to the marketing channels they use to promote their services. View their branding, website and advertisements, social media, and customer interactions. Evaluate the quality, creativity and efficiency of their work through this. If they can do it themselves, they can do it for you.
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Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach

Beware of agencies that try to sell you model solutions. This is usually the downside to hiring an agency that specializes in your industry. Since they have delivered so many projects, they may think your business is no different. If their initial proposal is too generic, without research or planning, they will likely offer mainstream services.

Be aware of unreasonably low prices and exceptionally high claims

What if a company offers you a very low price compared to the competition, promises to generate instant organic growth or unrealistic leads? Think again. These may sound appealing, but are, in most cases, largely inaccurate. Get a marketing plan roadmap, discuss prospect qualification, and ask questions about projections.

Intellectual property ownership

Make sure that ideas, assets, or other collaborative outcomes conceptualized and created are the rightful property of the company that hires the agency. They simply belong to you and must be under your discretion and control. If the agency is shady about property rights, it’s time to reconsider.

Find the best deal

Start by requesting a request for proposal (RFP). Each agency will then offer you a technical, financial and time solution. Review the proposal and ask questions. Get clarity on processes, team structure and communication. You can ask companies to prepare a sales pitch or organize a marketing consultation. If you like the agency’s approach but have two great candidates, give it a try. A small paid project that meets part of a business goal can prove to be a test of distinction.

Finding the right professionals for your business may take some time, but it will be worth it.
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